Throughout my childhood, I loved hearing stories.  I hounded my family, especially my dad and two grandmothers, to tell me stories about when they were growing up, and as an only child, one of my favorite pastimes was listening to books on tape while doing an art project.

So, I entered college (at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) pretty determined to write, and since I couldn’t make up my mind about what kind of writer I wanted to be, I majored in both English and Journalism.

During my junior year, I took an intro class to photojournalism and was instantly hooked.  I loved taking pictures.  And I especially loved hearing stories from all the different people I was meeting and photographing.

In my past ten years as a professional photographer, I’ve found myself in so many situations I never would have known existed were it not for the doors opened by photography.  I am always up for a new adventure and I love collaborating with others to create.  I’ve cultivated a diverse group of editorial, non-profit, commercial and corporate clients that include The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, National Public Radio, Chronicle of Higher Education, CondeNaste, California College of the Arts, Cetaphil, LucasFilm, Cisco Meraki, La Raza, Deloitte, Nintendo, JauntVR, and Hechinger Report to name a few.

I currently live in Oakland, California, with my husband, son and rescue pup.  When not working, I spend my free time at home, gardening, cooking and renovating our house.